My Little Pony Tee shirt!

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6:00 AM
 Thanks to my sister-in-law...we are My Little Pony nerds!
We love MLP, the new Friendship is Magic episodes are sooo cute!
Especially Pinkie Pie!
(full name: Pinkamena Diane Pie)
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 My little Hailee is like Pinkie Pie to a tea!
So we just had to upgrade this plain old dollar store shirt!
 Take one shirt.  Yes, we found this at the dollar visible flaws!

I made a solid silhouette of Pinkie Pie in can nick it here.

Here's the process for getting an image to cut out on the silhouette!

Drag your image into Silhouette Studio...
 Use the 'Select Trace Area' tab and highlight your whole image...
it will then appear outlined in yellow.
 Then adjust the high pass filter, threshold and scale...
so that the entire image is yellow...but not the background.
 Then select the 'Trace Outer Edge' button, should give you
 red cut out lines all around your image!
You can then drag your shadow image over and delete it!
Then you are good to cut if you are doing a normal vinyl or picture project!
the images are cut on the backside of the vinyl,
 so reverse everything before cutting!

Select your the mirror left button.
Position it in place and delete the other image!
 Words must also be mirrored if you are going to say anything on a shirt!

Here she is cut out on our heat vinyl in pink!
Weed out surrounding area.
 Place the plastic side up, sticky side down onto your shirt!
I used a tea towel to cover the image and iron on.
After about a minute of ironing (moving it around quite a
 bit to prevent burning) remove the towel and iron directly
 on the plastic...continue moving your iron!
 Pull the plastic off gently!  Make sure edges are
secure, or replace plastic and iron again.
Your Pony will be all giggles!

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So cute, she clearly loves it! Thanks so much for sharing at The Fun In Functional!
Rachel said…
This is sooo cute! My 5 year old LOVES my little ponies too. Thanks for sharing at Terrific Tuesdays.
Heidi said…
We love ponies. So cute! I'm hosting a linky party "One Creative Weekend" at I'd love for you to visit and link up this idea and/or anything else you'd like to share.
What a cute idea! I love the colors of it too. Megan
Unknown said…
I know a little girl who is absolutely OBSESSED with Pinkie Pie! Going to share this link with her mom. So cute! Would you share this here?
Nat, this is o sweet...I know a little niece who would adore this!! Pinkie Pie is her FAVE, too!! Hope you can stop by Mop It Up Mondays and link this fabulousness up!
YAY for My Little Pony nerds! I was one myself and will be again soon I'm sure {when my daughter is a little bigger}. I want to try that heat transfer vinyl too! I tried the printable one, and it faded after I washed it and I was sad. ;)
cuter than cuteness!! i just love this! if only i had a silhouette...poo :(
we are a MLP crazed fans too! check out these take-a-long pony houses i made a couple weeks ago ... since then we've collected more and now they don't all fit!!
thanks for sharing ♥ much love
Unknown said…
really cute shirt! its really looking so cute to wear cool color tee shirts in awesome styles!
shombti said…
love the shirt i have a silhouette cameo and when i try to import an image it just gives me a black square i dont know what happen it use to let me going nuts any ideas??
Jennie said…
thanks so much for this!! we love love love pinky pie! and love my new cameo!! :) best of both worlds!!
Unknown said…
Wow this is a great Idea for my daughter!