Star Wars Han Solo and Princess Leia love!

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6:00 AM
 Happy 12th Anniversary to me and my hubby!
In honor of our special day...
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Is there anything more geeky and romantic?
I think not.
 I used my silhouette to cut out contact
 shelf lining's cheap, but so hard to see!
But it's so cheap!  I buy this at the dollar store.

My silhouette settings are:
Blade set to 5, cut depth on the software set to 1.
Cut speed at 3...better to go slow.
Carefully applied to wood with transfer
 tape for the perfect stencil!
I did dry/bare wood and black paint...
 and I wasn't too thrilled about the major bleeding problem...
  So I used the contact paper to recover Han and Leia...
 and then painted all the rest of the wood white!
Much better, crisper lines!  The perfect silhouettes!
Then I re-did the captions in contact paper 
and painted those on...
In a true Star Wars Geek Love fashion...
 And since I know YOU want one's the png I used.
Princess Leia and Han Solo silhouettes

I finished mine off with light sanding the edges and a wax finish.



  1. You should link this up to the wood challenge this week on the CSI project and I would love for you to do a tutorial in July for the CSI project. You can see the challenges on the blog and email me to sign up. I would love to have you on the blog.

  2. Oh my goodness, this made me laugh out loud! We have always loved the movie & this line in particular. Thanks for sharing it with my readers.

    Warmly, Michelle

  3. I am looking for the image you used so I can make a wedding gift for my niece. Can you send it to me or tell me where to find it? Thanks!

  4. Love this project! I'm using your silhouettes right now in a project for my wedding, does the credit for making them belong to you? Thanks so much!


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