1,000 Words

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6:00 AM
“ I always thought good photos were like good jokes. 
If you have to explain it, it just isn’t that good.

This is usually how photo shoots with
 the kids go around here.
We tried so hard to get a great pic for Father's Day!

Someone not looking at the camera...
kids being silly...at least they are happy!
 Someone (#3) always gets hurt or grumpy...
 There are always tears...
  Or the wind picks up!
 and 435 pictures later...a good one.

 Sometimes things like this just happen...
I love my kids.



Cute kids! I swear sometimes I take like 400 pictures and than realize the first one I took was the best:) Thank God for digital..can you imagine how much it would have cost to take those with film?!
Miss Kitty said…
Hi Nat! Your children are super cute and you did a great job of capturing them with your camera. I agree with Sandy (above commenter) that now a days it is so wonderful to have digital and just click away until you get one you like. The other candid ones are wonderful too.