Diablo 3 Birthday Party for my 10 year old!

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6:00 AM
We celebrated video game style
for my 10 year old!

We love the new Diablo 3 that came out last month,
so we had a Diablo themed birthday party!
It's a pretty narrow market in the DIY world...
If you are unfamiliar with diablo 3...this may bore you...
but we had loads of fun, the food was good
and we were ultra creative!

Here's a screenshot from Whimsyshire...
a magical land in the game...where unicorns,
teddy bears and flowers attack you--
hilarious, if you ask me!

We had hanging Whimsyshire clouds all over the room!
Something about them just makes me happy!
Birthday Boy!

Whimsyshire unicorns...beware, they are deadly!

Health and mana potions, cupcakes--rootbeer flavor!

Simple Banner cut from the silhouette...

We basically just had a simple dinner...just our family...
but lots of choices, only a bit of each...so I used our smallest dishes.
And did my best to make it look fun!

We named everything fun game-related names!

ArchAngel cupcakes!

Tyreal, Leah, Deckard Cain...

Mahgda made a showing...she brought the burger toppings plate.

Butcher burgers...

The drinks were blue and red...you can only
see the blue right at the bottom.

potions and weapons as decor...

as well as a resplendent chest!
There were presents for him around the room...
some in hollow logs, chests, stashes, loose rocks...
it was a blast! All day party!


Yay, huge success!
Dan loved it...he said
"it was as good as the Mario Brother's party last year!"


MStevenson said…
Amazing! I haven't played that game before, sounds fun! Happy Birthday to your big boy! Wow, you have a 10? Hope your doing good!
Megan said…
So cute! You are very creative. Weird question, but where did you get they striped straws? I love them!