Super Spinner Wheel of Awesomeness!

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10:30 AM

A simple craft that will make you a Rockstar!
 Any kid (or adult for that matter) that has watched
 The Wheel of Fortune
 has longed to spin that giant prize wheel.
When we went to the fair last summer,
 there were booths set up with smaller, but equally
 as awesome prize wheels that the kids got to
Only once?

I vowed to remedy that.

Say hello to the DIY spinner prize wheel!
 So you'll need a lazy susan from Ikea ($7.99)
 and a board slightly larger than the spinner
Shhh, don't tell anyone that it's so easy!
Peel that rubbery plastic ring off the bottom of the spinner...
 Okay, on my practice board, I got a step ahead of
 myself and painted before I drilled in the dowel.
So, pace yourself.
Get a drill bit, and a dowel the same size.
Don't drill all the way through the board...insert and glue in dowel.
I used some wood filler to sort of grout it in place.
Then I had to paint'll only have to paint once!
  Next paint!
Paint them up any way you like!
I just used a light spray primer and then a coat of color!
Quite a bit of the top gets covered, 
so you don't have to be so thorough.
Dry Erase vinyl surface...I got it at Hobby Lobby
($7.99 without 40% off coupon)
 Check out my updated spinner wheel here!

 I hand cut out a bunch of triangles for my first go...
for the next 6 I made, I used the silhouette and this png triangle.
But this is soo much easier than the triangle bit...seriously
 Check out my updated spinner wheel here!
Then peel off the backing and adhere 
your triangles around the spinner.

Note, they don't line up exactly...but who cares?
 Next, some tiny nails (1" long) tapped in between every triangle.
Leave them up high enough to hit the zip tie...
 Glue the wheel onto your board with this fab glue.
allow it to dry.
Take a zip tie and scrunch it on the dowel.  
I also painted a wooden ball (with a flat surface)
 for the center...I used craft paint, 
but it finishes it off nicely.
Use a dry erase marker to write your 
hearts desires onto the triangles!

Fun ideas:
Things to do/places to go this summer
30 second activities (run, jump, crawl...)
Church lessons
Birthday parties
Every event that I've taken this wheel, 
I've gotten multiple orders!
 My kids love to play with it!
I think they each spun the wheel 100 times---and
 did lots of jumping jacks, push-ups and
 army crawls without complaint!

 Erases easily.  I wipe with a lightly windex spritzed paper towel.
Wipe from the center to the edge.  Sometimes the
 thin plastic sheet on the top of the vinyl starts to peel...
no problems so far, but they will be easy to
 replace when they are too worn.

Ultimate Prize wheel!

Don't you want to rush to the store to
 gather supplies right now???
In closing, if you make this,
you will be the envy of your friends...
You'll get high 5's wherever you go...
the coolest to your kids...
they will actually want to hang out with you...
cuz you're a totally awesome rockstar!



cherished bliss said…
This is adorable! I just ran across your blog : ) I love that you can change it up!

My daughter's birthday is coming up.. I wonder if I'll have time to make one.. such a fun game idea! I'm your newest follower. : ) I would love for you to stop by and share at my party.
This is so fun! Love it! Thanks for sharing at The Little Giggler. :)
mommy2boys said…
OMG! Nevermind using it for Birthday parties. I can think of a bazillion ways (to get me to excercise) , to get the kids to do chores, to wall I can think of tons. I want to make this NOW!!!!
Thanks for this idea it's AWESOME!
Oh my goodness, what a darling idea. Thank you so much for linking up on Fabulous Friday at Faith, Trust, & Pixie Dust.

Warmly, Michelle
How do you come up with this stuff?? It's amazing! Any kid would love one of those! My little one is, well, too little right now. But I'll have to pin this for future use! :)
thank you so much for this post. i am primary chorister in our ward and i just made this. i cant wait to use it in singing time. the kids are going to love it.
Rita said…
This is so much fun! I am going to run out and get the supplies. I do a carnival type party for the 4th of July and the kids are going to LOVE this! Thanks for sharing the tutorial on how to make it!
Unknown said…
i would like to ask. how do you attach the lazy susan to the board behind? thanx.
Stacey said…
I have the same question. How do you attach the lazy susan to the board? Thanks!
Stefani said…
How did you attach the lazy Suzan to the board? I read it a couple times but didn't see how you did that? Would love to make one of these for cookie booths with my Girl Scout troop.
Doodlecraft said…
Just use E6000 glue to attach the lazy susan to the main board. Easy Peasy! :)