Tabletop Jewelry Armoire!

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10:30 AM
Found this at the DI for $4...pretty good condition too!
Had a few knicks and paint chips...
Originally I thought I would paint it...but it's pretty intricate, 
so I just mixed up some paint the same color and filled in the gaps...
for now...
 And while I decide how to go on this, I am happily using it!
Any thoughts on painting this?
Should I just do a stencil on the top?
Rough it up a bit?
Just leave a good thing alone?


If it was me I would "rough it up" a bit with rub and buff but it looks great as is too!
dayna said…
You keep reffering to DI...what is that?
Thanks, I love to follow your blog you have some many creative ideas of how to bring the best out of pieces!