Lounge Chair Rockin' Redo!!!!

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10:30 AM

My friend asked if I could recover her favorite chair.
I said yes...but she didn't realize I've never actually done it!
(not a beginner sewing project)

{I heard that if your sewing machine is having troubles...
most of the time the needle is to blame!
So best to change your needle after every 4 hours of sewing...}

I took this plaid lounge rocker...
and made it rockin'!
 The zebra print upholstery is from Hobby Lobby...it is so nice!
The back and front look identical, so you don't have
to worry too much about "right" sides!

No pattern...it seriously took some major mental 
preparation to start cutting into the fabric!
I used the cushions as a guideline.
I wanted it to fit tight, so I cut it only about an
inch or two bigger on each side.
I built the pieces to just slip over the existing fabric...
the plaid was sewn right to the padding.
And then cut a "sock" shaped piece to sew in the edges...
I normally don't use pins...
but on upholstery...it's a MUST!
This frayed a lot too...so I did a double stitch and zig-zagged the edges.
Pillow case shape, double hemmed bottom edge.
Fits like a glove!
Bottom cushion...
Made like a box...see the original plaid has a pouch 
to slip over the metal frame...I mimicked that
by overlapping 2 pieces and sewing
them like the back of a throw pillow!

Here's the bottom pieces ready to be sewn!
Ahh, so far so good!
underneath looks great!
Arm rests with side pockets!
I cut the pocket piece about 6 inches wider than 
the arm piece, allowing for "big hand" size pockets
for remotes, drinks, and toys...
I am sure they will be filled with fun!
another weird "sock" shaped piece to round the arms...

The bottom edge was just hemmed under twice and left open.
What to do with the backside?
Sort of a strip with a rounded top...then I left the inside edge
only partly sewn to fit around the metal base
Backside done!
Now the decorative "kick plate" post covers...
I used liquid stitch and my staple gun!
I cut each piece an inch larger around.  
Then folded down a quarter inch, glued and pinned it.
Then I folded the folded edge down and glued, 
stapled in the center and pinned it overnight.
While the glue was pinned and drying, 
I stapled a piece on the ottoman!
Back to these things...
I had never used liquid stitch before.
**I would not make a dress or other clothing item with it...
but I was pleased enough for this project...it was 
more time than just sewing, but there are times, 
like this, that you just can't sew it.***
Now, a quick throw pillow...while the glue is drying!
I thought this could go on a different couch to tie into the room...
Awesome, and done!
They were coming to pick it up...so I hurried and
took it outside to take pics!
Don't judge my spray painted driveway!  :)
(that side pocket has the extra material in it!)
See those fabulous "kick plate" things...they turned out great too!
They just velcro on around the posts.
Huge success!  Everyone loves it!
I love it so much...I went and bought a
small ugly rocker at the DI for $8 yesterday...
which I am so stoked to recover!

Total time: 6 hours.
Mental prep: 3 months.

(and my other fab places I party!)


Charlotte said…
I want one!! What talent! I would love to try this someday but right now I am too chicken :-) I love reading your blog!
What a great makeover! You are so talented! I am your newest follower and I hope you will follow me too! Many blessings to you!
What a rockin' redo! I am pinning this so I can check out your tips again when I redo my chair. Saw you on whipperberry.
Unknown said…
This is freaking awesome! I'd love for you to join my brand new linky party! http://www.coffeeandtheirkisses.com/2011/10/stitch-n-niche-saturdays-linky-party-1.html
Jane said…
You make it sound doable...maybe I'll try with a club chair I have. THis is something I want to do, but not being much of a seamstress, I've been quite frightened...literally. But nothing ventured, nothing gained...If I let myself be totally intimidated, I would never have picked up my first paintbrush...
Jane (artfully graced)
Wow, I'm impressed. Recovering is HARD & this turned out so great. Thanks for linking it up to Fabulous Friday!

Warmly, Michelle
pogonip said…
The end result was worth the time and trouble. I love the way you worked out the "problem" areas and came up with solutions!
Anne Peay said…
your amazing natalie, serioulsy. i would love to spend a weekend with you just crafting..wish i could!