Vintage Phone!

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10:30 AM
So, my sister and I totally scored an old vintage rotary phone at the DI.
It was $5, and had a European I don't even know if it worked...
But it was SUPER dirty and grimy!
So before getting a picture, we started taking it apart!
You get the gist of what it looked like right?
 I soaked each piece in vinegar and scrubbed them clean.
The receiver part for the ear was filled with ear wax...sick!
Major, major cleaning.
 Then sprayed the gold pieces silver and the ivory pieces RED...
I was hesitant on the red, but everyone loves a red phone!
 Kara re-assembled the rotary mechanism!  Yay!  
With only a couple screws leftover...
 Ta Da!
Every child's delight!  (okay, my delight too!)
I still want to get a phone cord and run it through 
the receiver and the base, but until's cordless!

Every time I pick the phone up, 
I start speaking in a British accent...
I can't help it!
Love an old rotary phone!

My dad still has 2 in his basement.  
Fully functional, plugged in and operating phones.  
His are yellow wall mount style.
I prided myself on being able to speed dial super fast!



Thats really cute!
Charlotte said…
Again you amaze me with your talent! How to you come up with all of these ideas?
Oh, those phones are so great!
I really like that you painted it red and silver.
I am partial to silver/crome and red is my favorite color too!
We use to have one of those phones when I was kid, but I don't recall it being a working phone.
wow! i want i want! this is the best. i love old phones. so great!

i would love for you to come link up this or any other amazing project at my creativity party going on right now!

thanks so much for sharing!