S is for Sucks...

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7:50 PM
Okay, side note...the title of this post is from
Homestar Runner/ Strongbad emails...so funny!

On to my project!
I saw these cork monograms a couple places 
and wanted to make one, since I got tons
of corks at a yard sale for FREE!
I used cereal boxes and cut out an "S"
I hot glued 3 layers together for sturdiness...
Then I just hot glued on corks!
It's way more fun if you have a cute assistant!
To finish I cut some in half and some in quarters...
and wedged them in wherever I could!
He's hanging out with the seagull!
My 3 year old came in and said
"I like that 'M' mom."



Fun & creative. Thanks for sharing this at Fab Friday.

Warmly, Michelle
Amber D said…
Stealing it, love it, Thanks!
such a creative idea, love it! Hugs! P.S. my new giveaway started, stop by and get your entry in!
Anji said…
Where do you get corks?