Mad about Mad-Hatter/TEAPOT Lamps!

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12:50 AM
 I love Teapot Lamps!

I cut vinyl for the remaining 5 lamps today!
I love how each of them turned out!
But, because I only had 2 more lamp kits...
I only assembled 2 of them completely!~
This one is my sister-in-laws...
And the fish lamp...which got the most 
comments from yesterday's post!
And, I love, by the way!
wanted it to have sorta that Asian vibe...
with the koi and all.
 I'm MAD about these lamps!
 3 more to come...someday



I love how you have pieced all of them together. Keep them coming. You are obviously having a blast doing them...

Take care,
Ahhh! I am loving ALL of these!!
Marisa said…
SOO CUTE!!!Great job!
Christa said…
owww love your idea, its looks great
Anonymous said…
It seems that the lamp shades need some mad hatter style too.
GET OUT of here! Alice in Wonderland is my favorite and I cnanot believe these! LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!!!!