Fabulous My Little Pony Party!

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10:30 AM
For my daughters 6th birthday party we did a 
My Little Pony theme...
just thought I'd share some highlights!

We started off the evening with a blank banner
for the girls to color as they arrived:
(we had 12 little girls and a few boys)

The finished banner!

Then we did "Pony tails" and make-up!
Each girl picked a flower clip with curly ribbons to wear in their hair!

We took tons of glamor shots!

For dinner we had "Unicorn horn sandwiches"
Basically a Pillsbury croissant wrapped around 
ham and cheese and then baked until toasty!
Chips, veggies as well.

For games we made our own badges with a button maker,
We colored on shrink plastic to make a little pony necklace!
And then played pin the "cutie mark" on the pony!
Way fun!

We finished off the night with cake and ice cream
Hailee's aunt decorated the pony cake!

We barely had time to open presents before 
all the mom's came over to pick up their girls!
Hailee made bank on My little Ponies of everykind!
No duplicates!
Hope you enjoyed the trip down
memory lane with me!


Heather B said…
How did you make the big pony and cuties for pin the cutie on the pony?