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Succulent Log Planter!

 Succulent Log Planter!
Okay, so if you have been around for a while, you'll know I love succulents.
But I kill them too.
So, these are my new friends.
 Faux succulent picks, from the dollar store!
 I got a log and drilled a little hole in it.
 I used hot glue and glued a couple of picks right inside.
 They look great and give some greenery on the high shelf that doesn't get much sunlight.
 Cute and easy to care for!
I like the look of the varieties of succulents they have at the dollar store.
If you can't find them there,
Flora Craft has a great selection too.
 Cute, right!?
 Next, I took 2 picks and hot glued them together.
 and just hot glued them right inside this glass dome, globe, thing.
 Darling, right!?
I love that they can't die due to the carelessness of a friend.

Check out these succulents too!




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Maggie Miller said...

I love these! Great job and sooo creative, thank you!


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