Harry Potter Cosplay: Ron Weasley

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 Here's an EASY DIY Halloween Costume!
Ron Weasley!
Who doesn't just love Ron and his rat Scabbers?
Okay, I don't love the rat...
but here's an easy diy to make it!
We picked up a black Halloween rat from the Dollar Store
and painted him brown.
 Don't use spray paint on rubbery plastic--it will never dry.
We just used a stencil brush and dabbed it on...to leave the black peeking through.
After he dried completely I used a black sharpie to color in his eyes!
 Now for the hair.
My son has pretty light hair...so WASHABLE markers are an easy fix!
Just color right on the hair.  It's the easiest and washes out so fast.
(doesn't work well with black...unless you are going for blue)
 I added some freckles with eyeliner pencil.
He was shocked when he looked in the mirror--totally surprised!
 But way easy to clean off with a simple quick shower!
Ron Weasley and Scabbers!
Make your own Gryffindor Tie too!

Then just add a white shirt, tie, gray sweater and black robe!
We love Harry Potter!
Come back every day this week for more fun!
And come back every hour or 2 today for more Harry Potter Cosplay!

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