Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Love my STATE or USA DIY Jewelry!

 Love my STATE or USA DIY Jewelry!
I love my state pieces are totally trendy right now.
 These are a breeze to make!
I just printed off an outline of the USA or individual states...
they are super easy to find online.
 Trace them with a sharpie onto Shrinky Dink plastic!
Cut them out and add an enlarged hole.
Add a heart at your desired location and use a hobby knife to
 carefully cut the center of the heart out.
 Melt the plastic in the oven.
350* on a baking dish for about 5 minutes...they will curl up and then flatten out.
Look how much they shrunk!
 Add a chain and show your pride!
 Either as a choker or a long necklace!
 Get crazy with states too!
Here's Utah...
(love Utah...born and raised...lived for 30+ years!)
(went to San Antonio once and loved it!)
(Sweet Home Alabama!)
(Senior Trip to San Diego!)
 Super cute and fun project for older kids...tweens and teens!
Make a charm of all the places you've been!
Could be a really fabulous charm necklace!
 What state would YOU make?
I've been to 28 states.
This was a fun interactive game to calculate!
 How many STATES have you been to?

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