Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Earrings!

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6:00 AM
 Sonic Screwdriver earrings!
Make a couple varieties, then mix and match as you please!
Make Sonic Screwdriver Earrings out of Polymer Clay!
(similar to these crochet hooks I did last month)
You'll need polymer clay
eye pins, earring hooks and piers.

My clay is from Wholeport Crafts.
They have color variety packs so you can get
all the colors you need for relatively little!
I got 20 colors for about $20 including shipping.
But then you can make earrings for all your friends!

 It's easy and totally GEEK CHIC!
Here's the step by step for the 10th Doctor's sonic.
 I used Gray, White, Blue and Black polymer clay.
(you could omit the gray and mix black and white)
 Start with 2 identical tubes of white.

 Cap them with a thin layer of gray.

 Add blue dots to one end, and add some thin snake coils around.

 Roll a piece of black clay thin and cut notches in it.

 Roll that over the front end and rub it smooth.
Add a button switch...and you are done!

 Before baking, run an eye pin through it carefully.

 Then bake in the oven.
Bake at 275* for about 20 minutes for every 1/4" thickness.

For the 11th Doctor's...
 We used yellow, green and brown...and some gray & white.

 Similar technique.
Brown tubes, white band on the center.  Gold snakes coiling...

 Add a green double ball on the end,
some gray snakes...and you are good!
Add the eye pin in before baking, same as above.

 After they are baked and cooled,
add a jump ring and an earring hook!
Awesome and ready to wear!
Great for a gift!