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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Shabby Flower and Pearl Headbands! Glue Gun Week!

 Shabby Flower and Pearl Headbands!

  I made some headbands a couple months back...but
wanted to make some a little softer, for younger girls and babies.
Here's what we used:
Elastic lace and shabby flowers...
some felt
hot glue/gun

 Take the elastic lace and cut it to size.
Hot glue it onto a piece of felt.
Fold the felt over and hot glue it together.

 Then hot glue on your shabby flowers
Then I decided they needed a pearl center!


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1 comment:

Kylie Jones said...

Ah these are lovely! They would be great for school aswell. Do you sell them? If so it may be a good idea to do them in typical school colours ( red green navy etc) xx


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