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I've always liked vacuuming.
 It's like the quick fix to any messy room disaster.
Just push stuff aside and vacuum.
You know those times when company is on the way...
and the house isn't quite ready?  
That's when I quickly pull out the vacuum!
A quick vacuum and fluffing the pillows
 makes the house look 99% better!
In the last year, I've purchased 3 disappointing vacuums.
Our vacuum of nearly 8 years died, but I think it really died a year early...
because it had done such a terrible vacuuming job for a while.
 so, I bought a cheap vacuum online.
It was small but still sucked a little.  :)
And then 3 months after we had it, it died!  
So, I tried again...and again. I was ultimately disappointed.
Well, BISSELL has rekindled my faith in vacuums!
The PowerGlide Pet Vacuum with Lift-Off Technology is amazing!
 We don't have pets, but the owners of this rental did...
and we ALL have pet allergies.
So getting a vacuum that is powerful has helped us to breathe better, 
and not to swell up or itch when we lay on the carpet.  Yay!
How often do you vacuum?
I've heard a good rule of thumb is to vacuum as many times per week
 as the # of people that use the room.  So, there's 5 of us...
so vacuuming 5 days a week in the shared family room seems 
like a good idea.  But bedrooms only 1 or 2 times a week. 
 If you have crawling babies...I always vacuumed daily.
But I love vacuuming!  Favorite chore ever.
Besides vacuuming the bulk of the carpet or rugs...
here are 5 places I never would have thought to clean with a vacuum!
#1 Edges of carpet and floor base boards with a crevice tool,
even around those electric know how dust can build up on them? 
Oh yeah, that carpet needs it bad!
#2 Air vents.
Let's get real.  Our vents are on the ceiling...and I never 
bust out the ladder to scrub them clean.
But a vacuum can suck all the fluff out of them easy!
(and in the dryer vent too!)
If they are on the floor, just pop off the vent and suck out the entire thing.
Now, maybe no one will notice and say "my my, your vents are positively radiant!"
But, they are likely to notice if there is a fuzzy science experiment growing on them.
#3 In and around furniture.
I take the hose and crevice tool and vacuum out the upholstered chairs regularly!
And the hose is that means, I can vacuum under nightstands, 
beds, tables, desks and other heavy objects!
#4 Windows, crown molding and door frames!
Yes, same as the floor boards...all that dust settling. get filled with little insect carcasses around here.  Gross right?
I'm not touching comes the hose to save the day!
#5 Lift off technology for stairs or even the car, which desperately needs a cleaning!
Here's another killer feature.
There's a "brush" button...meaning, you can click it and the roller brush wont roll.
Therefore, it transitions beautifully onto wood, tile or laminate flooring!
I've always dreamed of one machine that would do all the floors!  Dream come true.
BISSELL has a sweepstake going on right now!
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And here they are on Twitter!  @BISSELLclean
Check out BISSELL for loads of other cleaning tips and their line of products!
It's the perfect vacuum for preparing for the holidays ahead!
As well as an awesome promotion!
$20 off and free shipping on your own PowerGlide vacuum!
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The new PowerGlide® with Lift-Off® Technology is powerful yet lightweight
 enough to tackle the home’s toughest messes, including stairs, 
drapes and other hard-to –reach places.

Key Features:
- No loss of suction and sealed system
- One-step removable pod for portable cleaning
- Long-stretch hose
- Lightweight
- Swivel steering for maneuverability
- Adjustable handle for easy use and storage
- 12-inch foot for stability
- Large capacity dirt cup
- 27-foot cord
- Included TurboBrush® and crevice tool

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