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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Lucky Stamped Pennies!

The Lucky winner of the Bubblegum Backdrops Giveaway is:
Julianne Brooks!

Anyone who didn't win can use the coupon code:
for 15% off your entire purchase! 
Hurry, offer only good until July 31!
I got some Metal Alphabet Stamps...and have been stamping everything!
Like Big Washers and Fancy Washer Necklaces!
Keys, spoons, washers and PENNIES!
But I needed a way to punch a hole in the penny for a necklace...
 That's it, I used my cropadile!
It cut right through that penny so smoothly!

I did a few extra pennies, that have yet to be stamped...
 And in my new found excitement and arrogance,
I reached for a Canadian penny...and tried to punch a hole through that...
little did I know that the metal content was much
 different than an American penny...and it broke my cropadile...so sad.
Isn't that lucky?

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