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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Clean Baking Sheet with Tea Tree Oil!

This is the Motto I generally live by:
Use it up...wear it out...make it do, or do without!
So check this lovely cookie sheet out...
 I have a couple baking sheets that look sick.
gross.  really loved and used...
I read that you can get that junk off with Tea Tree Oil.
{purchased at the mart for about $8}

 I poured some on and nothing seemed to happen when I scrubbed it.
But then I pulled out a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser...and it started clearing off the grime.
It still took a bunch of scrubbing...
And I gave up at this point.
Looks way better!
I could have continued to scrub until the whole thing shone...
but I had to wonder if using $2 worth of tea tree oil, a magic eraser and all
 that time were really worth the $10 baking sheet.  What do you think?

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At least you didn't trow it away...something less in the garbage bin...

Patti Meador-Bostons and Boxers by Design said...

Try orange oil...cheaper, smells GREAT, and will cut through anything. I keep a large bottle around and use it for deodorizing, cleaning greasy stove tops, etc.

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