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Friday, April 27, 2012

Princess Ottoman redo!

Here's the fabulous before!
 I found this ottoman at the thriftstore for $5.
It's very dated and worn.
I immediately tore off the trim, the skirting...
and it sat that way for a while.
Okay, through our move.
I wanted to redo it...cheaply!
So I dug through my fabric to find something
 sturdy enough for an ottoman.
I found a bunch of houndstooth...left over from this and this!
But not quite enough.
 But I had a remnant piece of bigger houndstooth
 that was just enough more!
I pieced the parts together to go around the chair with
 just enough seam allowance.

I traced the top circle of the ottoman on my fabric and cut it out.
I cut it the same size as the top because I wanted it to fit snugly.
 Then I sewed the tube around the circle. 
Hemmed the bottom edge.
It made a perfect slipcover.
This could have been enough...

But I wanted to secure it.
 Just flipped it over and stapled that hemmed edge around the bottom.
 And, ta da!  A perfectly princessy ottoman!
At least we call it the princess chair, even though
 it doesn't look princessy at all.
 Goes great with the ugly chair!


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Super Sci-Fi Rocket fueled Jet Pack

With my son's imagination...I knew he needed some Jet Packs.
He loves to run.  He loves the thought of flight.
Two 2-liter bottles, empty and clean
Silver spray paint
Hot glue/gun

 I took a piece of cardboard that fit the width of his back.
Used some old webbing and stapled in
 place to go around his arms.

  I upcycled 2 Two-liters and lightly misted the 
tops of them with silver spray paint.
I cut out flames of felt
2 red and 1 orange for each rocket engine...turbine...
and hot glued them in the spout...
Then we hot glued the bottles onto the cardboard.
He (Mr. 3) took it out for a test drive only to find 
that the arm straps slipped down.
I took some more webbing and a buckle and stapled them
 across the front for maximum stabilization.
I also hot glued on a little rectangle of felt onto 
the front straps for the ignition switch.

We have lift-off!
 I love his extreme happiness!
Garbage, spray paint, felt fire, 20 minutes...


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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dalek invasion--doctor who inspired sign!

I made another doctor who inspired sign!
This one with the daleks!
We are supreme.

The first doctor who inspired stuff I did was almost a 
year ago for Father's day...

I used cheap dollar store contact paper and used my
 silhouette to cut out the shape and words.
Then I removed the positive space.
adhered it to the wood, painted that positive space...
sanded it up a bit and finished it off with a spray clear coat.
Here's a picture tutorial.

My kids love it.

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Monday, April 23, 2012

American Flag Upcycled Pallet

 Recycle an old pallet.  Patriotic awesomeness.
 This uses 13 Two inch strips, nailed to 4 cross bars on the back.
And a nail or a staple gun.
 Paint blue on the upper left side, using only 6 stripes.
Start with Red on the top...alternate red and white stripes...
yes, my 8 year old can do it!  :)
Allow to dry...

 Then I used Dark Walnut minwax wood stain.
Just rubbed with a rag onto the edges and across some stripes.
 I like it better just a tad distressed.
I put this up at our new house...
so I could remember which house was ours...
since there are 6 red brick houses in a row!  :)
Because I am fiercely patriotic and love America!
I love it!


Thursday, April 19, 2012

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