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The UGLY Chair!

The culprit: The Ugly Chair.
Bought this sucker in Utah before the move for $7.50
It's a rocker/spinner...and freakin ugly.
I removed all the awful fabric and the old stuffings...
so dirty and dusty!
 I removed the buttons, the backing...
and a million staples!
I think furniture stores get paid per staple.
 Okay, now we need stuffing.
I bought a clearance memory foam full size bed topper.
Cut the pieces to fit.
 Then enter in woman's best friend!
Electric staple gun!  Oh, I love you!
 I started with this beautiful black upholstery with 
embroidered damask.  Hobby Lobby.
I did the under the cushion first.
 I got a little discouraged because it was a tad crooked...
so entered in My best friend--Mike!
He swooped in like a knight in shining armor
 and tackled that dragon!
All stapled.  Some things are just easier with 2 people.
(see that beauty ottoman in the background?...it's next!)
 Now to sew the cushion.
I cut a perfectly symmetrical pattern.
Only to find out that the foam for the chair is not symmetrical.
dang.  Oh well.
 Good enough!  I have 3 kids.  I can't over do
 things that I know are going to be used...or I get weird.
 Yay!  We now call it the not so ugly chair!
 Be sure to come back tomorrow!
I am guest posting my best idea ever!~
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Creative Raisins said...

Well it certainly isn't the ugly chair anymore. What a great transformation, worth all the time

Xayide2 said...

I like the fabric. You'll have to learn how to do piping next. :)

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