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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hand painted birds on a branch!

 Birds on a branch are pretty cool these days...
but since I'm not, I had the kids do their own version.
To begin, we had big paper, hands and paint...and a paintbrush.

The kids wanted a blue jay and a cardinal.
 or 2...
 Yes, this was messy...but I helped them one at
 a time and then we quickly washed off.
The minor clean-ups were done with baby wipes.
 Using fingers and thumbs they made eyes...
and a paintbrush for the beak and feet...

 Then painted in some branches where the birds are sitting...
 Thumb and finger prints for the leaves...
 Super cute!
 We sprayed a little glitter paint on them
and let them dry in the sun!

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Peggie said...

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