Feather Boa Wreath with Bunting!

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6:00 AM
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Feather's Flyin'!
Ever had a pillow fight where the feathers fly everywhere?
...that's just in movies right?

Okay, so my daughter got a feather boa for her birthday
 in April...so cute, but those feathers get everywhere
when it is used for dress ups!

Here's a great 8 year old craft!

Let your daughter wrap her boa around a small
{8 inch or so} wreath form...
1 boa fits perfectly!

 I didn't have to glue it...but you can if you want it secure.
I tied the two ends in a knot and tucked the tails.  Easy.
Then we cut some triangles out of a cereal box...
covered with scrapbook paper...punch holes...run some twine through it...
And used my cameo to cut her name.
 I threw on a pom pom for fun, but it TOTALLY does NOT match!
And I just used corsage pins and stuck it into the wreath on each side!
 It's hanging on her room door now.  So cute!

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Sylvia Anderson said…
This is beautiful x