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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Eyelashes, Kids & Latisse

To start, let me say I am not paid to say anything
 on my blog...I wish I was getting a crapload of 
freebies and the poster child of craftiness, but no.
I just do and say what I want because I want.

Every year or so, I get this wild hair to
 take a bazillion pictures of myself.
They then go into a folder titled "nats a dork" with the year.
(I do it mainly in case I am abducted and my family 
needs current sultry pictures of me to post on the news)
Surprisingly that urge hit me last week...
3 days off of when I did it last year.

I discovered something awesome.
my eyelashes.
All my life I have done my lashes the same way.
Curly them with my squeezy eyelash curler...
then mascara once...or twice if it was a
 super special occasion.

I had great lashes in high school 
and as a young wife and mother...
until I had baby number 3.  
(which was 3 1/2 years ago.)
And then my lashes seemed much 
shorter and sparcer than before.
I compensated by a ton of eyeliner and 
smokey eyes most of the time...

(February 13th 2011)

 Well, I mentioned my lack of lashes to my sister in law...
and for Christmas she got me some Latisse!
{Don't judge...the place sold it to her and she didn't have a prescription either...}
 So I used it.
Not as regularly as they say...they say every night...
I did it about every other or every 3 nights...when I remembered.

And now!

(February 10th 2012)
So if you were wondering if it's worth 
the hundreds of dollars of hype...
it worked for me!
Will I buy more?...probably not, I'm pretty cheap!
maybe when I am older...and richer.


Samantha Swarez said...

I appreciate your story. Latisse is available with less expense online with a online medical review through physicians...they have it on sale right now for $79. After a few months of use I only had to use every other month cutting down my expense as well.

Samantha Swarez said...

By the way the site I use is www.latisse.bz

cindrella jack said...

Hi Nat! Love your blog. Seriously love! I have been using Latisse for almost 8 months..
As Samantha said, we can go for online pharmacy to buy latisse cheap..

btw @Samantha why dont you go for generic Latisse? i got it from a online pharmacy called http://www.internationaldrugmart.com. it gave the same effect as brand medicine gave... I bought 6 Bottles for $163.57 with free shipping.

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