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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Letter/Name Signage!

For Christmas gifts, (and super cheap ones too...)
I made last name signs!
I was going to be dilligent and photograph all the letters myself...
alas, I only did the f.
The rest I found here!  Letter goldmine.

I saved the letters off into individual folders for
each family name...making sure I liked the
colors, styles and arrangement!
I used photoshop to crop the perfect 4 by 6" size.
I uploaded them to Walgreen's photo online.
(and they were having a 1/2 price print sale, so they were 10 cents a pic.)
Then, an hour or so later, I picked them up.

For this one, I had a 30" frame on hand.  I had 10 letters
to fit...you'd think a 3" letter would do the trick...but L's
are HUGE!  So, it's 4" and I cut down a few others
(like the I's) to make it work.
 Awesome sister-in-law gift.
 I made my entire name.
And did a bunch more!
For the others, I went to the 
dollar store and bought foam core posterboard.
I used my quilt cutting ruler and cut into 6" strips.
Then I positioned the photos...taped them on...presto!
They ended up costing between $.80 and $1.00 each.
Easy, and WOW factor!
Who doesn't love their own name?


1 comment:

Kristin D. said...

Those are so cute. It looks like you even made one for me ;)

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