Dr. Who T-Shirts!

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10:30 AM
I got some Heat transfer vinyl.
I used my silhouette for this...
Here's my settings.
 Now, when you do heat transfer...
You have to place the shiny side down, and 
cut the image/words in reverse.
I did it wrong once.  Oops!
 Then weed as you would.
 The shiny plastic is your backing and is sticky.  

 Apply to shirt.
 I put a towel over the top and then ironed.  
And then I got lazy and did some ironing directly onto the plastic.
It seemed fine, but I moved it around...
 Yes, Dalek exterminatingly AWESOME!
I made a shirt for each of my brothers!
 I just bought a pack of those Hanes undershirts...no pockets.
They were a blue/gray variety.  Perfect.
 If you are as geeky as me, you will love these!
 I am sure they just loved them.
Check here for my Dr. Who silhouette's...
they can be used for stencils or imported
into Silhouette Studio and use the trace shape tool.
Test them on paper first.



Xayide2 said…
That explains why Gerald's shirt was a medium. He's not a medium anymore. I've been getting him Larger or XL. Maybe the Dalek can exterminate the gut of his. :)
AguasGirl said…
I just had a flash back of those freaky!!!! and I mean freaky angel statues! I was so scared watching that episode and as well as the Dalek episode. But they are both in my top favorites... Cheers to the nerd family!
OMG LOVE!!! Now I need a Silhouette just so I can do this. These are fabulous! I'm your newest GFC follower and I'm pinning this :-)
Misty Makes said…
Love the weeping angel tshirt, do you have the image for that one? I didn't see it.