Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Movie based Halloween costumes!

 Your costume must be recognizable!
If not people will constantly ask you 
"what are you?"

Just make sure that you have a title ready to answer them...
One year I said:
"I am Natalya, a chaotic neutral-half-elf-ranger-illusionist!"

Basing your costumes off a movie 
{or video game} is lots of fun!
It's nice to have a recognizable costume, 
even if it is to a limited group...

This year we were really into playing
Zelda: Twilight Princess, so the kids 
wanted to be Link as the wolf and Midna!
Elizabeth Swann

An incredible family...
The White Witch

 Shrek & Puss in boots

Star Wars...

And if you can guess who my
husband is win!



Lisa said...

Is your husband Skeletor from He-Man?

David said...

He is the Kurgan from Highlander

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