Halloween Characters!

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10:30 AM
 Great costumes are only great when the person
wearing them gets into character!
 What better costume for an 8 month old cutie
that can't walk...than a mermaid!
She laid on the floor and flipped her fins!
 I sewed her seashells to a onesie...and sewed the fin like a skirt...
gathered it at the bottom by her feet and attached the fins.

The point is: she was the perfect mermaid.
My brother did a Mad Scientist costume.
The costume was cool, but the best part was
that he acted like a mad scientist...asking kids
for their brains and what not.  
He was loud and acted out his part!
 And he won 1st prize in 2005

This guy mimed everything the whole night!
he never broke character...
He didn't win, but he got my vote!

Even acting a little crazy with 2 personalities
is why this costume won last year!

1st prize winner 2007

Winner 2008: Medusa

 A personal fave.
This little 6 year old asked her dad to pull out 2 teeth
the day before Halloween so she would have fangs.
I love that I've instilled that true 
Halloween spirit in my children!

So whatever you dress up like,
act your part!



Fun, fun, fun! Love them all! Spooktacular!!! Baby mermaid is a doll. Well, they all are.