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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hair Candy

 I love old jewelry!
I found a ton of vintage stuff at the DI for $5...
{whoever was pricing that day didn't
know what they had!}
*lucky for me*
I used some pieces to make beautiful hair
candy for my mother in law for Christmas!
She loves them!
And she brags about them to everyone she meets!
Easy steps:
Line jewelry on barrette clip
Use E6000 glue to secure them on.
I wrapped some wire afterwards 
to be extra sure on these ones...
You can never have too many flower clips right?
(not at the rate we lose them!)
Also super easy.
I take out the plastic centers/sticks/tops/everything...
they are not good for sticking with hot glue!
I replace with a scrapbooking brad 
and hot glue onto an alligator clip!
hot glue a button, jewel or something on top!
Thanks for looking!

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