Trophy Wife Shirt with Cricut Foil Iron-on DIY

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Trophy Wife Shirt with Cricut Foil Iron-on DIY

Trophy Wife...but like a participation trophy.

Are you a trophy wife...or do you know one? This fun shirt is a funny gift for someone who is really rocking it, but likes a laugh. Shirts are easy to customize with Cricut iron-on and a few tools. I love making customized shirts to wear, give as gifts or rock during Zoom call.

I totally consider myself a trophy wife, but I did in fact, make this shirt for myself. I love it and it's a great conversation starter...if there were any places to have conversations.

You know the events, clubs, extra curricular activities that give a trophy to everyone? I thought this concept would make a funny shirt. In my family, we have regular contests to make funny shirt ideas...this one would win for sure! Have you made a funny shirt before?

Step 1: Design

Begin by designing your text in Cricut Design Space. Just type the words you want, like the trophy wife saying, and then scale it to the size you want. 
I measure across my shirt and pick a size that fits. This one is 10 inches wide.

Step 2: Cut

Now place the iron on foil on the mat with the gold side on the mat. Click the "make it" button on CDS and mirror the image. Then select the material you are cutting and click go!

Step 3: Weed

After the vinyl has been cut, use the hook tool to weed the excess iron-on away. I love weeding iron on. It's smooth and peels back so easily.

Step 4: EasyPress

Heat up the EasyPress 2 to the recommended temperature, found here. Then warm up the shirt for 10 seconds. 

Place the iron-on down on the shirt in the desired place on the warm shirt. Then press with the EasyPress 2 for the recommended time. Apply firm pressure, but don't stand on the easypress.

Step 5: Cool Down

Let the shirt cool down completely. Let the shirt cool down completely. Let the shirt cool down completely. Seriously, I cannot say it enough. If you peel when it's still warm, it can easily lift up the vinyl too--scrunching it or removing it. 

Just allow it cool down and then peel the carrier sheet back over the top of itself, revealing all the gold foil glory.

Step 6: Rock

Now you are ready to rock the coolest participation trophy shirt on earth! When placing iron-on on a V-neck shirt, place it pretty high, since the neck line is already low. I like to go 2 inches down from the collar for a ladies shirt, that way the text sits beautifully on the bust...rather than a weird place on or below them. 

For a V-neck shirt, I just go an inch below the collar line. If you are not sure, try the shirt on and pin the vinyl in place to see what you like.

Pair the shirt with a cool jacket and you are ready to rock! I love a funny shirt. This shirt would make a great gift too!

I love making customized shirts, they are so fast to make--once you've done a few, it's like 5 minutes from start to finish...which makes a great last minute gift. I always keep a stack of shirts in my craft hoard so I can throw these together fast. 

That's it! Hope you like this trophy wife shirt!

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Do you have a Cricut Machine?

I love my Cricut and have enjoyed having one for 5 years now. I have made hundreds of shirts and other fun things. I highly recommend getting a Cricut. You can start your own business, make handmade gifts or just craft for fun--the Cricut is worth every cent!

I would definitely suggest the Cricut Maker, but all the machines are wonderful.