Goal Setting Chart for the New Year!

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Goal Setting Chart for the New Year!

Let's kick off the New Year with a fun goal setting chart. This is mine from 2020 from my Tombow Design Team post, but I love this style. We've been doing a quadrant goal chart for years. I love organizing my goals into different categories to help me attain balance.

I love to set goals to achieve during the year. I don’t stress myself out with near impossible goals that are destined to fail.

Instead, I categorize my goals and write them out to help solidify them. Today, I am going to show you how to make a new year resolutions goal setting quadrant using Tombow Fudenosuke Color Brush Pens!

Supplies Used for New Year’s Resolutions Setting Chart:


Heavy cardstock (one 8.5×11 sheet plus a card 3.5×2 inches)

Narrow washi tape

Step One: Quadrants

Begin by using the ruler to mark the center lines on the cardstock. 5.5 inches in on the longer sides and 4.25 inches in on the shorter sides. Just use a MONO Drawing Pen to make a little mark.

Next, connect the marks with a strip of narrow washi tape.

Repeat the process again in the other direction with a strip of washi tape.

Step Two: Word(s) of the Year

Decide on your word or words of the year. I’m excited that it’s the roaring twenties again, so I titled this smaller paper with “Roaring 2020’s” plus three words I am focusing on this year. 

Step Three: Quadrant Words

I find that New Year’s resolutions are easier for me to tackle if they are categorized. I’ve done this technique for about 16 years and love it. Title the quadrants with mind, body, spirit and self-care.

Use the mounting foam to adhere the word of the year card right in the center.

Step Four: Resolution Time

Now, think about the goals or resolutions you have in mind for this year and write them in the corresponding quadrants. Add check boxes if desired. Keep your goals at an attainable level.

Balance is so important in life. When we pull too hard in one direction, we may falter on the other fronts. Start by setting one goal in each category and then continue to add ideas as desired. Be as specific as you like. Mine says “EAT HEALTHY” but I also added “no restrictions!” Haha, I’m not giving anything up!

Draw, doodle, hand letter and change up fonts, colors and styles to give it personality and emphasis. It’s a work of art! What are some of your New Year’s resolutions or goals? What would you add to each quadrant? I’d love some more ideas, so leave a comment!

Display Your New Year’s Resolutions Quadrant Chart!

Hang your card up on the fridge, tuck it in your planner or tape it to the calendar. Keep those New Year’s resolutions fresh all year long. I’m looking forward to crafting, lettering and creating with you all throughout 2021!

What goals are you setting for this year? I'm going to double my efforts on some of my goals and not let a crazy year throw me off. 

That’s it! 

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