Maleficent Movie Inspired Cosplay Costume DIY!

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Maleficent Disney Inspired Cosplay DIY Halloween Costume!

Maleficent Movie Inspired Cosplay Costume DIY!

Maleficent is the most classic villian in a Disney show of all time. Am I right? She made her debut in the cartoon version of Sleeping Beauty. Her green face and purple robes were elegant and daunting.

The live-action remake, Maleficent, showcases the backstory of Maleficent and why she became the way she is. 

She is a young fairy with wings and through love, betrayal and revenge, becomes the villian we see in the movie. 

She has the iconic twisted horns, but her clothes are slightly different and mostly black.

This is the perfect Halloween costume or Disney inspired Cosplay! 

This costume was made in 2015, but it's still a favorite!

Maleficent Disney Inspired Cosplay DIY Halloween Costume!

"But, as many thought whenever they saw the graceful figure soaring through the air, it took a great hero and a terrible villain to make it all come about. And her name was Maleficent."

Maleficent Disney Inspired Cosplay DIY Halloween Costume!

The Maleficent Movie was so fun to watch simply for the costuming alone! I knew we had to recreate several of the pieces!

  Maleficent Disney Inspired Cosplay DIY Halloween Costume!   

My amazing sister in law was my muse. She has naturally wonderful cheekbones, so this was a no-brainer.

Maleficent Disney Inspired Cosplay DIY Halloween Costume! 

Maleficent Costume!  Firstly, Maleficent has so many wonderful choices when it comes to her clothing. More traditional black leather...


Some fun embellishments, the light up staff, draping robes...


 And the winter cloak.


Supplies Needed:


First the headpiece and horns:
To make the horns I used FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam. Draw the pattern out on 2 inch foam and started carving into it with their cutter. More details on horn carving at this post.

Cut a circle of vinyl and add a little slit going across the center line to the center point.


Then hot glue and wrap them tightly around the tip of the styrofoam horn. Wrap the rest of the horn in 2 inch strips of felt.

Cut several long strips of vinyl about 2 inches wide. Fold down one edge and hot glue in place. This hot glued edge creates the ridges in the twisted horn. Then hot glue the edge and begin wrapping it around the horn starting at the vinyl covered tip.


Continue gluing and wrapping them down each horn.

Gently pull the vinyl tight, but careful not to break the horns.

At the base of the horn, cut the vinyl into tabs.

Put the headband on the head and mark with a marker where the horns should sit. Then fold the tabs around the metal headband and hot glue tightly in place.

Next, cut holes in the top of a beanie. The holes were about 4 inches apart at the top and slipped the horns through them. Covering the headband inside.

Then hot glue the hat around the horns so they won't shift.


Next, cut a long piece of stretchy fabric. This part is hard to explain and just kind of has to be done while wearing it. I cut one hole in the fabric and while my daughter wore the headband, I threaded it over one horn.

 Then wrapped it around the backside and around the front...then I cut another hole it in and threaded it over the other horn while she was wearing it. I wish I had more step by steps...this was really stressful.

With a small triangle of faux snake skin leather, use spirit gum to stick the triangle right to her forehead!

Then the stretchy material is just wrapped and tucked in the back like a turban. 

Be sure to pull all the hair up in a way that it is flat to the head and not bulky.

Maleficent Disney Inspired Cosplay DIY Halloween Costume!

Next, we decided to make the winter cloak/cape complete with fur collar! 

Halloweens are cold where I live, so incorporating some extra clothing into a costume is a stroke of genius.

Make a U-Shaped collar out of paper. Place it around your neck to gauge the size. Then cut 2 pieces of faux fur.

Place the fur sides together and sew all around them except leave the inside open.

With the center open, it's easy to turn the collar right side out.

Next, use some of the stiff vinyl from the horns to make a collar stiffener. It's about 18 inches wide and 5 inches tall. Gathered tightly across one of the long sides.

Stuff the vinyl up inside the fur collar and stitch up the opening.

Then attach the fur collar to the black robe, and add some fur to the front of the cloak as well. 

Simply attach the accessories with safety pins. This way the robe is still useful for other applications. Perfection!


Okay, so my sister has superior beautiful blue eyes naturally, but threw in some contacts for added awesome. As well as an awesome make-up job! These are untouched photos! 

My work was easy! Make up is the finishing touch to any costume. Use highlight and contour to make those cheekbones pop!

Maleficent Disney Inspired Cosplay DIY Halloween Costume!

Tie a feather collar around your neck, wear all black, add a cocktail ring and boom! Amazing right!??

  Maleficent Disney Inspired Cosplay DIY Halloween Costume!

Make sure to check out the how to make the staff too! Maleficent Staff!

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