How to Decorate Face Masks 4 Ways!

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How to Decorate Face Masks 4 Ways!

Step up your face mask game by giving it some decoration. Here's 4 fun ways to make your mask your own. Great gift idea or social distanced craft activity! Face Masks are life now, aren't they!?

Honestly, they are the new litter...I keep finding masks on the road, parking lots, sidewalks! Please people, throw away your mask when you are done with them. Okay, apart from keeping track of masks, these fun personalized masks will be much easier to keep track of!

 Which of these fun masks is your favorite?

Get these masks to use as blanks!

3 Layered White Cotton Masks (great for Tie Dye)

White Cotton Front Seam Masks (great for Tie Dye)

Tie Dye Face Masks
How to Tie Dye Face Masks with Tulip Soda Ash Kit

Hibiscus Tea Dyed Face Masks
My favorite flower is the hibiscus! My neighbor gave me a bag full of hibiscus blossoms to make hibiscus tea. Little did he know I was going to turn it into a full Do-it-Yourself post on tea dying...especially because I don't drink tea and I'm allergic to smelly flowers, so drinking perfume does not sound pleasing.

Custom Face Masks Printed
Since face masks are the new normal it's time to create your own design for a face covering. These awesome masks are from Canvas Discount and they are terrific! This would be a very fun activity to do with the kids and let them make their own design facemask!

Decorate Masks with Tombow ABT PRO Alcohol Based Markers
Here's a fun and quick way to decorate your face masks. Tombow ABT PRO Alcohol-Based Markers are the perfect way to make your face covering unique to you. Decorate a face mask with the patterns and colors you love!

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Belinda vanowen said…
Any ideas on decorating disposable masks?
Doodlecraft said…
You could probably decorate them similarly...but I don't think I would go through the effort to decorate a disposable mask.