Rustic Wood Slice Cupcake Stand DIY

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 Rustic Wood Slice Cupcake Stand DIY

This rustic wood slice cupcake stand is a simple project that takes less than 10 minutes to complete. It's perfect for any themed party and great way to display cupcakes, favors or other fun props. I love crafting things that are useful and quick, this checks both of those boxes. I'm looking forward to using this on a party display really soon--stay tuned!
 I love the look of rustic wood pieces, in fact, my whole house renovations were done in good-old pine boards. There's so much character in wood. With that said, feel free to add embellishments or even paint your stand to match the theme of the party. I got my supplies from Plaid, all opinions are mine.

Supplies Needed:

Large Wood Slice (about 9 inch diameter)
Small Wood Slice (about 7 inch diameter)
Hot Glue/Gun
E6000 Glue
6" Wooden Dowel (1 inch diameter)
 Begin by removing packaging from the wood slices and cut the dowel to a six inch length.
 Use a tape measure or ruler to approximate where the center is on each of the wooden slices. Just measure straight across one side and mark the center. Then measure the other direction and mark the center. Then combine the 2 points to find the middle.
 Next place a glob of E6000 glue on the center of the wooden dowel end.
 Then pipe some hot glue around the E6000 immediately and press it onto the center of the large wooden slice. The hot glue adheres it instantly and the E6000 adheres it permanently.
 Repeat the same process for the other end of the wooden dowel.
 Then place the wood slice on top, as close to the center as you can.
 Let the cupcake stand sit and cure for about 4 hours...although it feels strong enough to use immediately!
 Perfect for layers of darling cupcakes! It can hold 6 on the bottom and up to 3 on the top. But I would just put one on top with a washi tape bunting! Great for any display too!

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