10 Things to do at Silverwood Theme Park!

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10 Things to do at Silverwood Theme Park!

10 Things to do at Silverwood Theme Park!

Silverwood theme park is a big amusement park in Athol, Idaho, near Coeur d'Alene at the tippy top of Idaho in the Northwest. It's got thrill ride roller coasters, a full kiddie ride park, classic rides and a full water park. Silverwood has a fun collection of rides sourced from other parks, like Corkscrew was originally at Knots Berry Farm.

Silverwood theme park is an amazing park for all ages. There are rides for littles, roller coasters and thrill rides and there's an entire waterpark too--Boulder Beach! We did not spend any time at the waterpark or the little toddler rides. My kids range from age 17 to 10, but are all adult size, so we hit up the thrill rides. Here's my assessment of Silverwood Theme Park with teens.

10 Things to do at Silverwood Theme Park!

Aftershock, pictured below, is a high intensity coaster. When I take my family to amusement parks, I always make them go on the most intense ride first. Then we let things chill a little. This way, they are the most excited and bravest for the first ride. We hit Aftershock first. It is intense and exciting! I loved it!

10 Things to do at Silverwood Theme Park!

From Silverwood Website:
"Once you board, the cars will slowly move backwards up the starting tower until you’re staring straight at the ground. Then gravity will take over and pull you straight down as you reach speeds of up to 65 miles per hour! You’ll twist and turn though mind-blowing loops and rolls until you reach the second tower. This time, you’ll be looking at the sky as the coaster pulls you upward at a 90-degree angle, only to release and send you barreling through the whole thing backwards!"

After the ride, there were a few exasperated tears from the adrenaline dump. So off we headed to less thrilling rides like the wooden roller coasters, Tremors and Timber Terror. Tremors was my most favorite ride, we hit that one a couple times. They are still both amazing roller coasters.

10 Things to do at Silverwood Theme Park!

Also, Garfield and friends are the park mascot. They are in the gift shop during certain hours so we checked when Garfield would be there so we could take a picture. Just for fun!

10 Things to do at Silverwood Theme Park!

We had a big group of 100 family members at the park for a family reunion with my Canadian cousins, and received a discount for the high number of visitors. We also met at the pavilion for the BBQ Chuckwagon Johns buffet lunch during the day. The buffet is good for one hour...pile up your plate, eat and get some more.

10 Things to do at Silverwood Theme Park!

It was worth getting the buffet, we didn't have to bring food in the park with us and everyone got what they wanted. The food was super good, lots of BBQ meat, salads, rolls, desserts and more. The pavilions are surrounded by gardens, trees and grass...the perfect pit stop on a busy day.

10 Things to do at Silverwood Theme Park!

Silverwood has fun photo ops and funky old west music playing. The Silverwood atmosphere is lots of fun. There's gardens and places to rest in the shade. We got delicious shakes and ice cream too.

10 Things to do at Silverwood Theme Park!

Here's 10 things you must do at Silverwood Theme Park with Teenagers:

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1. Nick Norton Magic Show
The magic show plays a couple times a day and is absolutely a must-see! This was my kids favorite part of the day, for sure!

2. Train Stunt Show
The train runs every hour and if it's light outside, there's a high chance of bandits! The train show is lots of fun.

3. Boulder Beach Waterpark
If you like waterparks, this one is amazing and has slides for all ages.

4. Classic Rides: Tilt-a-Whirl, Scrambler, Carousel, and Ferris Wheel

5. Wooden Roller Coasters!
Tremors and Timber Terror are both awesome wood coasters. I loved Tremors, there's a slope that takes you under ground for an even bigger than expected drop!

6. SpinCycle
It's the first ride of its kind in the world...basically dangling 104 feet in the air and spinning around. My kids went on this ride while I bought ice cream...so I didn't get a ride on it, but they loved it.

7. Round Up
This is a fun centrifugal force ride, where you stand up in a circle. The ride spins around and you feel all the G-forces.

8. Panic Plunge
This fun ride slowly rises you up to the top of a 140 foot tower. The ride is so slow on the way up that it builds the most terrifying thrill in your gut! Once at the top it drops you 120 feet! I screamed so much on this ride that I lost my voice for the rest of the weekend!

9. ChuckWagon Johns
This is the all-you-can-eat buffet we ate at. All the delicious BBQ chicken, pulled pork, hot dogs, Mac & Cheese, salad, rolls, corn on the cob, watermelon and soda. As far as food at amusement parks go, this was a great price for our family to all eat what they wanted. 5 adult size humans need plenty of food to maintain happiness.

There's lots of other amazing food places too!

10. Garfield and Friends
I grew up watching the Garfield and Friends cartoon. My kids have watched it too...so naturally I wanted to make sure to have a character sighting photograph. The characters have a schedule posted in the gift shop and are available for just an hour or so at a time...so plan ahead!

And while I'm at it, there was one ride that just was NOT as fun as we hoped. Corkscrew. You dangle in a seat and rocket through spirals...but there's no support for your head, so we felt like our heads just rattled around like a baby rattle. Would not ride again.

Have you been to Silverwood before?
What are your thoughts?

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10 Things to do at Silverwood Theme Park!

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