Vintage Inspired Paper Prize Ribbons DIY

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Vintage Inspired Paper Prize Ribbons DIY

Vintage Inspired Paper Prize Ribbons DIY!

This week I am doing all vintage inspired crafts, gearing up for the Downton Abbey Movie that comes out on September 20th. This craft is simple and cute. These paper ribbons would make great prize ribbons for a Halloween Costume contest, any event or just as some home decor. I used them at a 1920's Downton Abbey themed party with the costume contest prizes. I'll have the full party posted on Friday!
Vintage Inspired Paper Prize Ribbons DIY
These ribbons are made of distressed gold and metallic cardstock, giving them the perfect vintage look.
Vintage Inspired Paper Prize Ribbons DIY

Supplies Needed: (aff links)

Metallic Cardstock
Scoring Board with Stylus

Circle Punch
Scallop Punch
Hot Glue/Gun
Paper Cutter
Begin by cutting three 12" strips of paper that are 2" wide. Then cut one strip in half. Cut out 2 circles and one scalloped circle.
Place the long 12" strips on the score board tightly across the top edge.
Then use the stylus to score a line every 1/2 inch.
Repeat for the second strip of paper.
Then accordion fold the paper on the score lines.
Hot glue the 2 pieces of accordion folded paper together to make a loop. Then put a bunch of hot glue on one of the punched circles.
Then press the accordion folded loop down on the hot glue to make a tight fan circle.
Next, hot glue the scalloped circle on top of the fan. Then add the circle to the center. Cut the shorter strips of paper with scissors to make the pinked edge on the bottom.
Finally hot glue the ribbon tails on the backside of the round fans. Basically, that's it!
Because I used these for a costume contest, I added a smaller circle of watercolor paper with a flower painted on it, as well as the "placing" in marker. Then hot glued to the center.
Super cute!

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Vintage Inspired Paper Prize Ribbons DIY made with metallic distressed cardstock. Perfect for contest prizes or vintage inspired home decor.

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