Funny Swim Team Shirts Made with Cricut Maker & EasyPress 2

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Cricut Maker and Easypress 2 made t-shirts for swimmers with puns and funny phrases.

Funny Swim Team Shirts Made with Cricut Maker & EasyPress 2

My 2 oldest were on the swim team last year and loved it.  They plan on doing it again in the Fall.  During the Christmas holiday season, we made some funny shirts to give as gifts to their swim coach and swim captains.  They were all made with neon or reflective iron on vinyl, perfect for an athletic shirt.  Do you know a swimmer?  What sayings would you put on a shirt???

Oxygen is overrated funny reflective iron on vinyl t-shirt made with the Cricut maker.
Oxygen is overrated.  I can fly...what's your superpower?  Breathing is for the weak.  And, truth be told, their coach's last name is Sweet, so the Pretty Sweet Coach was a perfect pun...but it would make a great shirt for an great coach.
I can fly, what's your superpower?  Funny swimmer shirt with silhouette of man doing the butterfly stroke.
Do you have a Cricut?  They are amazing--worth their weight in gold.  If you are considering getting one, check out this post.

 Supplies Needed:

SportsFlex Iron On
Cricut Maker
Cricut Brightpad
Cricut Weeding Tools 
EasyPress 2 (large)
EasyPress Mat
Cricut Maker cutting out heat transfer vinyl iron-on.
Upload the images into  Cricut Design Space™ and place the iron on vinyl plastic side down on the mat.  Then cut the image in the mirrored format.  Remove the iron on and weed the excess vinyl.

The Cricut Brightpad makes it so easy to see the cut lines and makes weeding much easier.

Make sure to remove the centers of the letters too.

Weeding SportsFlex vinyl is a breeze!

Once the image is turned over, the image should look great.

For making shirts, you'll also want to get an EasyPress 2.  The EasyPress is a game changer!  If you want high quality, long lasting shirts...the EasyPress is the way to go.  Warm up the shirt, then place the iron-on vinyl on the shirt about 2-4 inches down from the collar.  Press according to the recommended settings.

Then turn the shirt over and press the backside of the shirt for about 15 seconds.

Let the shirt and vinyl cool down and then peel off the carrier sheet.

Slide the plastic right over itself for easy removal.

That's it!  The shirts are finished and ready to wear!  Making shirts is a super quick craft and makes a fantastic gift!  Everyone loves a shirt.

Especially a shirt with a funny phrase or pun on it!  Are there any other SWIMMING puns you can think of?...we'll need shirts for next Christmas!

Everyone loved their shirts--big success!  Which one is your favorite?

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4 funny swimmer themed shirts made with the Cricut Maker and EasyPress 2 for perfect swim team gift ideas.
Right click to save off the png files...personal use only.  

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