Penguins Layered Vinyl Shirt with Cricut Maker

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Penguins Layered Vinyl Shirt with Cricut Maker

 Penguins Layered Vinyl Shirt with Cricut Maker

      Penguins are so cute!  About 4 times a year my siblings and families get together for a LAN party.  We spend a whole entire Saturday playing a list of fun video games, eating yummy food and excessive treats, and having a T-shirt design contest.  Each party there is a judge of the shirt designs and the designs are catered to that judge.  The shirts that win the contest are made, by me, into an actual shirt for the judge to have!  It's a super fun family tradition.  This shirt was designed by one sister in law for another.  My sister-in-law loves penguins, so this cute doodle sealed the deal.
Penguins Layered Vinyl Shirt with Cricut Maker
     This cute picture was simple to turn into a cutting file in Cricut Design Space™.  Just upload the image, remove the white space and import into Cricut Design Space™.  Make a second copy of the image and hide all contours except the beaks, then turn that layer orange.  Make a third image and remove all contours except outlines for the white background.

Supplies Needed:

Cutting iron on vinyl with the Cricut Maker
     Place the iron on vinyl on the mat with the plastic side down.  Cut out a white body image, a black outline and the orange beaks.  Weed the excess iron on with the weeding hooks.
Cut and weeded iron on vinyl for layering cute penguins on a shirt.
     Heat up the EasyPress 2 to the proper temperature.  Place the shirt on the EasyPress mat and heat up the shirt for 15 seconds.  Then put the white outline vinyl on the shirt.
White outline of penguins in a row with iron on vinyl
Next press the shirt with the EasyPress 2.
Pressing shirt with EasyPress 2
     Let the shirt cool down completely and remove the carrier sheet.  Then layer the orange beaks with the black outlines.  Place them on top of the white iron on.  Once lined up, gently peel off the black outline layer, leaving the orange beaks in place.
Layering iron on vinyl
Cover with a teflon or protective sheet.  Then press the shirt again with the EasyPress 2.
Pressing with EasyPress 2 from Cricut
     Let the shirt cool down again and peel off the carrier sheet.  Finally place the black outline iron on on the shirt.
Cute cartoon penguins layered and pressed on blue t-shirt
     Again, cover with the protective sheet and press one last time with the EasyPress 2.  Turn the shirt over and heat for about 15 seconds.  Then let the shirt cool down completely and peel off the carrier sheet.
Cricut EasyPress 2 large size
That's it!  Now you have a piece of art turned into a shirt!  After drawing a picture, there are several ways to get them into Cricut Design Space™.  
  1. Simply scan them and then import the jpeg.  
  2. Take a picture of the image then import the pic.
  3. Take a picture with an ipad then trace the image in a drawing app like procreate
Penguins Layered Vinyl Shirt with Cricut Maker
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Penguins Layered Vinyl Shirt with Cricut Maker

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