Dog Breed Bingo Free Printable Game for Fun at the Farmer's Market

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Doggy bingo game for family fun at the street fair or carnival.

Dog Breed Bingo Free Printable Game for Fun at the Farmer's Market!

This Doggy Bingo game is so much fun!  This is a great game to play with small to teenage kids.  My son loves dogs, but we are all allergic to dogs--except for him.  So I needed to find a way for him to get in some time with dogs.  Another reason this game is so wonderful is because it can be difficult for older kids to speak to adults and this is FANTASTIC practice!  Take the Bingo Game on a clipboard with a paint dauber to a public event, like a parade or in our case, a Farmer's Market!  Our city has a Farmer's Market each Saturday of the Summer.  All June, July, August and into's so much fun!
My son was in charge while I was right with him.  He would politely introduce himself to the owners of a dog and tell them his name, that he was playing Doggie Bingo and then ask them what their dogs breed is.  The people he interacted with loved him and loved the game!  We even had people help us along the way.  One man called out to my son and asked if he had found a Pug yet...he pointed us to one nearby.

You will love these paint daubers for perfect bingo marking! (aff link)

The Bingo games is filled with lots of dog breeds and after attending the farmers market a few times in the summer, we had seen each one of them at least once.  On the day we played Doggy Bingo, we were so close to Bingo, so many different ways!  Have you ever seen this many dots on a Bingo board without a single Bingo!?  If there's multiple dots on a square, it's because we saw multiple dogs of that breed.
And finally, we found this darling Dalmation--She got us a double Bingo!  This little man was so thrilled.  It took him out of his comfort zone to approach and speak to adults...but rewarded him with puppy snuggles and love.  It was a super fun game!
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Free printable Bingo card with breeds of dogs in each square, marked off with a paint dauber when the dog was spotted at the market.

Plus download a printable to play yourself!
Click here for the Printable Bingo Card!

How many dogs will you find?  What's your favorite breed of dog?

Here's some fun shirts you can make in an afternoon with tie dye--perfect for a patriotic parade!

After a hot day in the sun playing Dog Bingo, make a fidget spinner with Lego pieces!

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