Cricut Holographic Iron-on Shirt: Star Wars Crystal Cave

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Star Wars Crystal Caves in the Khoonda Plains on Dantooine is the perfect vacation destination shirt idea made with the Cricut Maker

Cricut Holographic Iron-on Shirt: Star Wars Crystal Cave

     Hi friends, here's something you most likely don't know about me.  I love video games.  My favorite single player video game ever is Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.  I like solving puzzles, interacting with NPC's and some fighting...although I will almost always avoid a fight with some cunning persuasion.  One time I called my dad to help me with some matrices so I could open a door or diffuse a bomb.  Have you played KOTOR before?  One planet you visit in the game is Dantooine, it's like the training ground of the Jedi.  If you look hard enough in the Khoonda Plains, you'll find the Crystal Cave.  It's filled with iridescent crystals that can be imbued in your lightsaber.  It's the perfect vacation spot!
Use holographic iron on vinyl and the Cricut maker to create a stunning vacation shirt from Star Wars.
     I thought it would be fun to make a series of vacation shirts, featuring places I've only visited in my fan fictions.  So here's the first: Crystal Cave, Khoonda Plains --Dantooine.  This new Cricut Holographic Iron-on vinyl is amazing!  It shines and glistens in the sun...perfect for these crystals.
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  I doodled this out on my ipad, here's the image if you want to swipe it for personal use.  Right click to save off, personal use only.
 Here's the background for the crystals to cut them in holographic iron on.

Supplies Needed:

Upload the image into Cricut Design Space™
     Place the shiny side of the iron-on on the mat.  Then click the mirror image button and cut the images in reverse.  Then remove the excess vinyl from each shape and inside each letter.
Layer the iron on vinyl so you know where it lines up.  Then gently pull the top layer off the holographic iron on.
Keep the holographic right where it was and use the EasyPress 2 to adhere it to the shirt.
Let it cool down and then peel off the carrier sheet from the iron-on.
Then place the black outline over the top of the holographic iron on.
Again use the EasyPress 2 to adhere the black iron on in place.  Turn the shirt over and heat up the backside for about 15 seconds.
Let it cool and then peel off the carrier sheet.  Now it is ready to wear!  Share your love of an imaginary destination to the Khoona Plains and the magical Crystal Cave.  It's a cool shirt and a subtle nod to fandom geekery.
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Use holographic iron on vinyl and the Cricut maker to create a stunning vacation shirt from Star Wars.

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Unknown said…
Love this! Did you use black iron-on vinyl on top of the holographic -- and if so, did it stick well and last through washes? Cricut says that the holographic iron-on should only be a top layer, since other layers might have trouble sticking to it. But I love what you've done here and would like to do the same, i.e. black on top of holographic. I appreciate your perspective! Thank you!
Doodlecraft said…
Yes, I put the black everyday vinyl on the holographic. It's a shirt I made for myself, so it will likely only be worn a few times a year...but I think regular wear and washing would cause the black to peel off. Would work on a tote bag though, since those get less washing.