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Intergalactic Planetary Lyrics by Beastie Boys written in Calligraphy

Intergalactic Planetary Lyrics by Beastie Boys written in Calligraphy

I love writing song lyrics from songs I grew up listening to.  When I saw the Lego Movie 2 trailer, I was thrilled that they had some Beastie Boys playing in the background.  I had a friend named Joe in high school and loved driving around with him...he had a sweet sound system, and we would blast Beastie Boys--Intergalactic being my favorite!  I thought it would be fun to write out some lyrics in calligraphy.

Sorry, the video is muted...my family is just not quiet enough when I record.  So you can't hear the most pleasant scratchy sounds the pen makes when writing.  Fill the back of the nib with water colors, then write on paper.  Press a little harder on the downstroke and lighter on the upstrokes to create the dramatic hair thin lines.

Supplies Needed:

Finetec Gold Palette

Oblique Holder

Brause Rose Nib

Water Brush

Black Paper

Pick up some fun Lego Movie 2 sets too--I love these 2 especially!
But this one looks awesome too:

Rex's Rexplorer

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