Watercolor + Hand Lettering Birthday Cards DIY with Tombow!

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 Watercolor + Hand Lettering Birthday Cards DIY with Tombow!

This time of year is the best time to get organized for next year.  Sitting in a cozy room, munching on leftover goodies from the holidays...kids are occupied with new toys, video games, and books to read.  (Is that what your home feels like?)  We put in a movie theater room into an outbuilding we have...so I only hear my kids when they rush inside to use the bathroom...they make it quick too--so I don't assign them a job!  Alas, my house is the perfect place for crafting right now.
 I love making a bunch of birthday, wedding and "thinking of you" cards that will last the next year.  I always have good intentions of sending cards when I receive inspiration, there isn't always time to make a card.  This way I have a little stash of cards, ready to hand letter when the occasion arises.  Leave the inside window blank and fill them in as needed.  They are simple to make--and would make a great gift for a card sender too!
Here's a video so you can really see how simple it is!

Tombow makes amazing adhesives!  I love the permanent glue tape...and I have a new found love for the removable! 

You will need:  (affiliate links included)
Large Blending Palette
Watercolor Paper (6X9")
Copy Paper (2x3.5")
Begin the card by cutting paper to sizes above.
Use the removable adhesive and run a tape line around the copy paper, as close to the edge as possible.
Around all four sides.
Then place it in the center of the card and press the edges down.
Use the blending palette and scribble out some pink on it with dual brush markers.
Pick up ink with a waterbrush and some additional water may be necessary.  Brush little petal shapes around the border of the smaller paper.
Repeat with blue marker and paint little leaves and fronds.
Next add leaves in shades of green.
Finally dab little spots of yellow around the leaves and flowers.
When satisfied, simply remove the center paper!  It comes off easily without tearing up the paper. 
Use smaller brush pens, the Fudenosuke colors, to write a birthday, wedding or other greeting.  Or leave blank and save for a last minute card when needed.
Repeat this process and make a bunch of cards that will carry you through the year!  You will be so thankful that your past self spent the time to get them done...and you'll enjoy them all year long.  Seriously, just takes minutes!
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