Watercolor Floral Gift Tags DIY

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Watercolor Floral Gift Tags DIY

Make some quick and amazing gift tags for those last minute gifts and gift wrapping!  These tags are perfect for any time of year...and could be made easily into cards, banners, buntings or other paper crafting projects.  Tags are a great beginner watercolor project and perfect for practice.

Supplies Needed:

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Kuretake Watercolors

Aqua Brush

Paper Cutter


Let's get started:

My watercolors are a bit different, I'm using Windsor and Newton Professional tube paints.  But the Kuretake are awesome--they are the most high quality paints for the lowest price that I have found.  Use a dropper or paintbrush to drip water into the watercolor pans.  If you feel like your painting isn't going well, try adding more water...seriously, the answer is usually to add water.
Fill the water brush with water.  Then dip the paintbrush in the red paint...dab it on a blank palette and press the paintbrush on the watercolor paper.
Press the brush down gently, letting the tip of the brush make the tip of the petal.
Slide the brush gently on the paper...
While pulling up the brush to the tip.  This makes a perfect imperfect petal.  Then turn the paper and repeat the petal 5 more times, making a 6 or 7 petaled flower.
Fill the paper with loads of red poinsettias.
This is the perfect way to practice!  You are bound to get better and better as you fill the paper.  Use lots of water and keep making some with pink paint too.
Now use the same brush technique for the leaves.  Use aqua, green and teal to make gorgeous leaves all over the paper.
As the paint dries, it will lighten about 20%, so add water and pigment and let there be variety!
Then use some teal paint to make fern-like leaves.  A little line, with the same leaf/petal technique to make lots of leaves.  I'm telling you, practice!
Fill the ferns around the page.
Then add some blue berries with little sticks and yellow centers in the flowers.

Watercoloring tips:

  • Don't paint over the same thing in attempts to "touch up"
  • Use lots of water
  • Let colors blend by touching new strokes to the edges of old strokes
  • Have fun
  • Enjoy the process

Let the watercolor dry.  Then cut the whole sheet into tag size pieces!
At this point, you can cut your paper into card sizes or just frame the entire painting!
Into 8 perfect tags.   I love my paper cutter.
Then clip the corners off.  Start by cutting off one corner.
Flip the cut off piece over and hold it on the other corner of the tag.  Then you can cut the corner the same angle as the other side.
Now, they would be perfect to stick on a gift just like this...

Now you can add some pizzazz with an eyelet using the Crop-a-dile.
Use the hole punch to punch a hole in the tag.
Place the eyelet in the hole.  Use the crop-a-dile to squeeze down on the eyelet to let it curl up tight.
Perfect!  Ready to tie onto a gift!
Or add some fancy names to it!

I use a brush pen and write the names in calligraphy...or hand lettering.
Thick down lines and thin upstrokes.  For the perfect name tag!
Repeat for each tag to make your gift a little more thoughtful.
And, just like that--you are a professional watercolorist!
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