Holiday Gift Guide For Everyone on Your List--Plus 5 Things I Want!

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Like it or not, the rush of Holidays is upon us!  How do you gift shop and who do you buy gifts for?  I love gift giving and get stuff for everyone possible.  

I tend to make most gifts myself, but can't resist buying some fun things too!
Here's 5 fun things that are on my own list:  Affiliate links included.

#1 Lego Outdoor Adventure

Lego sent me this set in exchange for me talking about it.  But, the real thing is...this set was ON my list already!--I'm wrapping it up for myself for Christmas.  That way I make sure I get what I want!  I love these sets that are so mini-figure rich.  Plus, look at that little baby in the papoose!  I LOVE this set!  This would make a great gift for anyone that likes Lego, babies, or outdoor adventures!
15 minifigs, plus Eagle, plus a Lego log!  I'm so excited!  Every Christmas we get dozens of new Lego sets and spend the cold Winter weeks putting them together.  It is my favorite tradition.
We all know someone that loves their outdoor play time.  This little dirt bike guy looks like my older brother.

 What's your favorite little piece?  That fried egg is adorable.  I love the street sign.  I'm super excited about this one.

#2. Code Names game

Code Names is a fun party game--have you played it?  If you are looking for a fun group game (age 14+ recommended)...I think 10 year olds can play it too.  
Great gift idea too!

3. Magnetic Spheres

This little magnet balls are fun to shape and play with.  Not for small kids.  Theraputic and, I love the bright colors!

5MM magnetic spheres that hold tight to each other.  My son has these in just silver and loves them.  They are entertaining and great for fidgeting...or keeping hands busy while listening.  I love this multicolor pack!

#4. Air Fryer

This is another fun gift idea!  And, Hamilton Beach just sent me an air fryer for a fun event in'll see the full details on my blog coming soon--plus a giveaway!  Have you tried an Air Fryer yet?  If yes, tell me what you love to fry!

I mean, who wouldn't these please?  Yes, all that decadent, creamy chocolate is the perfect gift!  Don't be fooled, there's only about 14 pieces in the box...but they are worth it.

Perfect for anyone and everyone on your list!

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