Fur Cuff Christmas Stockings Upcycled Sewing Craft!

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Make a gorgeous matched set of Christmas stockings with plush white fur cuffs.

Fur Cuff Christmas Stockings Upcycled Sewing Craft!

Over the years I have made a lot of Christmas stockings.  I just don't seem to keep them very well.  Maybe it is because I want a change, maybe it's because we moved a lot and needed to downsize.  Whatever the reason, I tend to make new stockings every year...until now.  I think I'll keep these forever.  They are thick and plush--plus, they match without being too matchy.  This is a great way to upcycle stockings and I'll show you how.

Look closely at these darling stockings...they don't match at all...and yet, they match perfectly.  It's because all I had to was take old stockings and make matching fur cuffs for them.  It's the greatest way to make a mismatched set look matched.
I found these PotteryBarn mistakes at a local store...they were $1 each.  The problem is obvious, they were all embroidered with not our names.  The solution: buy them anyway.  If you have some old stockings around that need a refresher, this may be just the thing!  Of you can pick up some mismatched stockings at the thrift store or yard sale.
The stockings are thickly lined and have rich velvet fabric.  Just, not Madeline.
For this project you will need some fluffy white fleece, fur or other fabric. 
Measure the width of the top of the stocking and double it and then add 1/2 inch.  So if the top of the stocking is 5 inches, cut a piece that is 10.5 inches wide...and about 10 inches tall for a really plush stocking cuff.  Fold the fur in half the long way, so the cuff is doubled in strength.  Then sew the ends together with the right sides of the fabric together.  Next sew around the opening of the cuff to secure the 2 layers together.  Then flip the cuff right side out.
Then slip the cuff around the top of the stocking, tucking the sewn edge about an inch of the cuff inside the stocking.  The folded edge of the fur shows beautifully on the stocking.
Then sew around the top of the stocking edge, this will sew through the cuff, stocking and folded over cuff.  That's it!  I cut a little hole in the cuff to let the stocking hanger loop through the material.  That's it.  Repeat for every stocking you have to give it a gorgeous, uniform, matched look!
I love that all these different stockings look like they came from the same catalog. 
Now you could customize them however you want, add some iron-on vinyl for personalization.
Find a great place to hang them and you are ready for the holidays!
Haha, just noticed my little shepherd in my nativity is doing a backbend! 
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