3 Space Saving Christmas Trees for Renters or Tiny Homes!

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  3 Space Saving Christmas Trees for Renters or Tiny Homes!

Except for three Christmas seasons in the last 18 years, we have always had VERY limited space for holiday decor.  I like to decorate, especially for my children to feel excited about the season...but it just feels like clutter after a while.  So over the years, I've tried to find ways to take up less space and make the holidays work in our tiny home (for 5).  These are great ideas for people renting apartments, sharing living space with family, or just to minimize the mess and clutter of the holidays!
Here's some ideas if you have a space budget for the holidays!

#1 Pencil Tree!

Pencil trees are tall and super slim...like 18" in diameter.  If you can fit buying a new tree into your holiday budget, this is a great option. They are fun to decorate because it makes the ornaments and lights really stand out!  There is less branch room, so ornaments sit on the outside of the tree.  More details on this post.
I used a combination of glass and shatterproof ornaments and the only ones that ever fell off onto the floor were the plastic ones, because they are lighter weight.  The tree was fabulous filled with stars and ribbon.  We felt the soft glow of the lights and didn't have the big space commitment of a wide spread tree.  Perfection.
Here's a great pencil tree option: (affiliate link)

#2  Cardboard Cut-out Tree!

This option is great for limited space.  It's great for renters and doesn't leave a mess.  This is just a stepped up version of taping a poster cutout of a tree on the wall.  It's a fun way to still have the ambiance of the warm glowing lights and lots of room for gifts.  Read more on this post.

This cardboard cut out tree fit great in our dining room without taking up tons of extra space.  It fits snuggly against the wall with about 4 inch gap.
Here's a great Cardboard cut out: (affiliate link)

#3  Just use Half!

If you have an artificial tree and want to maximize space, just assemble the top half of the tree and fit the center pole into the base.  Then place on an end table and no furniture needs to be rearranged to fit all the clutter decor of the season.
It takes up the same amount of space that the table would take, but you can set gifts underneath the table for extra convenience.  Perfect, right!?  If you don't already have a Christmas tree that you can half, you could try a 3 foot tree on the end table! (affiliate link)

Which one of these Christmas tree space savers will you try?
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