Shabby Chic Rustic Metal Pumpkins DIY

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Rustic pumpkins made with metal ribbon and tree branches.
Shabby Chic Rustic Metal Pumpkins DIY
Make your own rustic pumpkins for the perfect Autumn decor.  I saw something similar at Hobby Lobby and knew I could recreate it with some items I already had.  These add such a fun shabby chic element to our front porch for the Fall holidays.  I love how these turned out!
These are pretty easy to make in an hour or two.  The bigger they are, the easier they are to start big and then go smaller.  Aren't they awesome looking!?
You will need:  (Affiliate links included)
Metal Ribbon (here or here or here)

Tree Branch Sticks (8, 6 and 4 inches)
Tree Branch Sticks (short pieces for the stems)
Drill and Bits
Hot Glue/Gun
Begin by opening up the metal ribbon and letting it relax a little.
Use a drill bit to pilot a hole in the center of the branches.
Loosely wrap the metal in a circle around the stick...letting it bulge slightly on the edges.  Gently screw through the metal and into the stick a little bit.  Keep it loose for the shaping portion.
Use the washer so the screw doesn't slip through the holes of the metal.

The next stage is a little tricky and I didn't get process pictures, sorry!  Twist the layers of the metal ribbon to form rings around the stick, as the center.
The metal is soft and easy to bend if necessary.  I had an extra piece of metal ribbon that I hooked on the top to be a leaf.  Then screw it in place with the washer.
Next use the hot glue gun and the short stick stems...and the E6000 too.
Blob a little E6000 glue right in the center of the stem.
Then fill the outside edges with hot glue.  The hot glue will help it to set immediately and the E6000 will give it long lasting strength.
Stick it right on top of the screw and the metal ribbon.
Repeat for all the pumpkins you would like!  These are darling and shabby chic--and more awesome that you can make your own!

They are perfect for September to all November long!
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