Like Totally Radical 1980's Simple Costume DIY

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Make a totally radical Halloween or dance party costume!

 Like Totally Radical 1980's Simple Costume DIY

Here's a great costume idea and it's super simple--1980's throwback!  Do you remember the styles of the 80's...did you grow up in the 80's and participate in the fun and memorable styles?  I was born in 1981, so my impressionable years were in the 90's...but I had a perm most of my childhood and the clothes styles were pretty much this.  Oversized shirts, tight leggings, flats with socks and scrunchies.

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You will need:

Oversized shirt
Iron on Vinyl
Cricut Maker
Cricut EasyPress
Flat shoes
Right click to save off this "totally"...and load it into Cricut Design Space™
Pick a font you like and add the "Like and Radical" some confetti shapes.

Then place the vinyl on the mat so the shiny side is on the mat.  Cut in the mirrored position.
Place the shirt on the EasyPress Mat.  Weed the excess vinyl.  Then press the shirt with the EasyPress for 5-10 seconds.
Then place the vinyl on the warm shirt.
Press with the EasyPress according to shirt settings.  Let it cool and remove the carrier sheet.  Now it's ready to wear!
Bust out the Aqua-Net and spray your curly hair as big as possible.  Put white socks on with your flat dress shoes!  Like Totally Radical!
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