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General Conference Bingo Cards for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Freebies!

 LDS General Conference Bingo Cards Free Printables

General Conference is held twice a year as the leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints council and lead the saints.  There are 5 two-hour sessions held over Saturday and Sunday.  The next session of conference will be:  October 6th and 7th

I loved playing General Conference Bingo when I was little.  My primary teacher would bring over bingo cards and smarties or other small treats.  So much fun to hear the words and put a treat on the corresponding square.  This is a great way to engage children and the family while listening to the words of our Prophet.  These photographs were taken when our beloved Thomas S. Monson was the Prophet, but the new cards are updated with President Russel M. Nelson.  These BINGO cards are mostly white paper with just a simple image in each square...I designed them myself!  This will save on printer ink and make it a simple and economical choice for viewing conference in a couple weeks.


 I made a bunch of bingo cards, there are 8 different varieties, so people will get bingo at different times.  I made them mostly white, so they are not high demand to print.  I've had these posted for years with President Monson on them.  Since his recent passing, I had to update them and add in our new prophet of the church, President Russell M. Nelson.
 Print and laminate...or just print and enjoy!  Save for next General Conference in 6 months!

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Don't know about General Conference?
Check out LDS.org for more details.

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