Doctor Who TARDIS Glitter Iron-On Faux Leather Tote with Cricut!

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 Doctor Who TARDIS Glitter Iron-On Faux Leather Tote with Cricut!
Despite the every changing face of the Doctor, the one thing that is iconic and branded is the Tardis.  This old 1950's style police box is know as the Tardis the world wide.  Although it has changed a little from season to season, the basic fact is, you need a Tardis in your life.
 You guys, you will LOVE this project!  It's so incredibly simple to create such a POW statement with a bag.  Add this to your collection of Geek Chic fashion accessories or gift to a friend that loves all things Doctor Who.  Did you know that this little "phone booth" is part of Cricut Design Space as part of Cricut Access???  Totally worth that Cricut Access subscription!
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You will NEED:
Cricut machine (Cricut Explore Air™ 2 or Maker)
(seriously guys, you NEED this machine)
Cricut Maker Machine

Cricut Design Space™
Cricut EasyPress and Mat
Blue and Silver Glitter IRON ON vinyl
Weeding tools
Cricut Iron-On Protective Sheet
Faux Leather Tote

Just click this for the Ready-to-Make project in Design Space!

Cut the images on your Cricut machine.  The window accents in silver glitter iron-on vinyl.  Don't forget to mirror your image and place the iron-on on the mat with the shiny side down.
Place your faux leather tote on a firm surface.  Insert the EasyPress Mat INSIDE the tote bag.  Heat up the EasyPress to 270*
Weed off the excess vinyl from the cut outs.  Watch out for those little PUBLIC CALL letters, they are tricky--but totally make the bag!
Cut the box shape in blue glitter iron on and weed the excess as well.  Now the 2 pieces are ready to fit together.
Okay, since this is faux leather (ie: some plastic derivative), don't touch the EasyPress to the bag or it will be melted.  Place the protective sheet on the tote and then press the EasyPress on the sheet for 5 seconds to warm up the bag.  Then place the Blue glitter Tardis on the warm bag and cover again with the protective sheet.
Then set the EasyPress right on top for 20 seconds.  Don't press hard or it will leave an impression.
Let the plastic cool to a "warm peel" temperature and peel back the cover sheet.
While warm apply the silver iron on on top.  It's simple to line it up with the rest of the design.  Then cover it with the protective sheet and iron for 30 seconds, light pressure.  Peel off cover sheet at a warm temperature and then let the bag cool down completely.
Now you've got the best bag in all of time and space!  It is SPARKLY and glittery!  It's more magnificent than Midnight--the planet in the system Xion, made of diamond glaciers and mountains!
So while the face of the Doctor may change, some things will remain the same!
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